Simon Marcil


Simon graduated in Computer Engineering. Throughout university, he gained experience working in the IT industry, knowing that when he graduated he wanted to start his own company. Therefore, just out of school, he joined forces with university buddies Marc and Vince to start S3 Technologies.
Simon has been a member of the Entrepreneurship Organization EO since 2006. Since 2008, he has also served on the board and in 2014/2015; he took on the presidency of the EO Montreal chapter.
Whatever time Simon has off, is usually spent on a mountain. Skiing, biking and hiking are among his preferred activities and he likes to travel to do so. Having skied in South America 10 summers, this remains one of Simon’s favorite destinations, but locations such as Japan, Antarctica and Alaska also rank high on his list.
Vincent Rabbat

Vice President Operations

As VP Operations, Vincent manages the company’s Finance and HR departments. He is extremely motivated and possesses great management and organizational skills. He is driven by a desire to build an outstanding work environment and therefore makes employees a priority.
Born and raised in Montreal, Vincent comes from a multicultural family with an entrepreneurial background, so he was no stranger to becoming his own boss at an early age.  Today, Vincent is also a member of EO Montreal and he offers his support to the Montreal organization Santropol Roulant dedicated to environmental and social causes.
In his time off, Vincent enjoys traveling, adventure and the great outdoors, and he is also a seasoned hockey player and jogger.
Marc Perras

Vice President Sales

Marc is an accomplished sales person, who loves to establish new relationships with clients and partners. Since the foundation of S3, Marc has moved away from the technical side of IT, as he soon decided to put all his efforts towards business development. As the VP Sales, he has helped grow the company to the biggest MSP in Quebec today.
Marc holds a degree in Computer Engineering. Over the years, he has helped organize many different charity events including some for the Montreal Children’s Hospital. He has also served on the board of the entrepreneurship organization EO in Montreal for 4 years.
When calling Marc and getting his voicemail, chances are he’s either on a ski slope, on an ice rink playing hockey, on a tennis court, on a golf course, on a lake waterskiing, or on a road bike. Or he might be enjoying a great glass of wine.