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Common mistakes of SMBs

My internal IT team or my IT supplier takes care of our cybersecurity. »
We are a small company, hackers only target large businesses. »
Our company has security tools in place. »
Our company invested heavily in cybersecurity last year. »

How can you be part of the 24% of SMBs that have not experienced a cyberattack?

Assess your risks

Plan your cybersecurity audit and assess your real risks with a team of security experts.

Rely on the experts

Implement solutions adapted to your reality and recommended by a trusted firm.

Monitor your activities

Take charge of monitoring your activities in real time. Cyber attacks happen when you least expect it.

Why trust S3 Technologies ?

The largest managed service provider in the Greater Montreal area

With over 100 employees and more than 60 clients, S3 Technologies is a leader in the provision of managed services and one of the largest providers of consulting and outsourcing services in Quebec. It has been serving the Greater Montreal area since 2003.

100 +


60 +



Team of Cybersecurity Experts

18 +

Years of service

80 %

of all data breaches in 2019 were caused by compromised, weak, or reused passwords.

76 %

of SMBs experience cyberattacks

570 k

The average ransom paid during the first half of 2021 is US $ 570,000 vs. US $ 312,000 in 2020

77 %

of SMBs have NO security incident management and response plans.

The S3 approach

Take advantage of our wide range of cybersecurity services

S3 takes the guesswork out of cybersecurity. Our security assessments, strategies and training help to mitigate the risks associated with cyber attacks and threats. Count on our team of cybersecurity experts to elevate your IT resilience.






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