“S3 Technologies has been our IT Partner for over 5 years. This period was one of fast growth for Boulart and S3 was always there when we needed them. With S3 as our internal IT department, Boulart benefits from a wide range of IT services: Strategic Consulting, Project Management, 24 / 7 Monitoring along with 24 / 7 Live Support.”

Michel Saillant
Michel Saillant President of Boulart

“S3 Technologies has seen to our continued success by providing access to unlimited resources to finish any IT project with any complexity. Redline has benefited from guidance, support, and services that maximise capabilities and ensure our team always has access to the tools we need to truly thrive. Switching to outsourced IT has helped cut costs, allowing our team to reallocate funds to other crucial IT projects.”

Abdel Aldwikat
Director of Optimization and ISIT at Redline Communications