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Live Remote
Helpdesk 7AM - 7PM

Maximize Productivity with our Helpdesk IT Support Team

Live Remote Helpdesk phone and email support offer quick-response to our clients experiencing time sensitive technical problems from a qualified technician. Service desk phone support is available to users Monday to Friday, 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM EST.

Our clients are able to speak directly to a live technician with:

  • No Wait Time for a Call Back
  • No Voicemail
  • No Wasted Productivity


In-Person Technical Assistance Adapted to your Business Needs

When issues can’t be worked out over the phone or via internet, there are times when a real technician on-site is required. Our On-Site Support services include assistance from a qualified technician who will travel to your offices to provide quick technical support tailored to your needs. Additionally, any on-site work helps increase our knowledge of your IT environment.

Our team takes pride in offering:

  • Hands-on troubleshooting
  • Specialized, highly-trained, professional technicians
  • Extensive knowledge in all operating and networking systems
  • A team that works alongside your internal staff with no disruption to the daily operation of business

24 / 7

Extra Protection that Covers Your Business After Hours

IT problems often don’t stop at 5 PM. If you have an IT emergency, S3 can provide support promptly. From a major server crash to an urgent user request, clients have access to our 24 /7 emergency support services.

Outside of regular Helpdesk hours, clients can engage with S3 to provide this extended service at times where:

  • You are working late and need support
  • A network or internet connection goes down
  • There is is a security issue
  • And more…

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your support work?

We offer direct, quick, and personalized helpdesk as well as onsite support to users.

We assign a team of 5 to 7 helpdesk technicians to a client. This way users always speak to the same group of technicians who know their environment. Our technicians will answer all calls from users directly from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Over 80% of calls are answered within 2 minutes. We also have a 24/7 emergency support where users will receive a callback from a technician within 30 minutes.

Users can also email our support via an email address configured on their domain, for example: support@yourdomain.ca. Users can also book a support appointment online with a technician for less urgent issues.

We also offer onsite support. It ranges from going onsite when it’s needed to resolve an issue to going onsite a couple times a month, to a couple times a week, and even full time in some cases. We are very flexible with this and adjust to our clients changing needs pretty much on the fly.

We constantly improve our service from feedback we get from users. We have a survey included with every intervention making it easy for users to give us their valuable feedback. Our service managers will plan a call with any user that had a negative experience. The goal is to first apologize, and then to understand what happened so we can ensure it does not reoccur. We also conduct an annual survey to all users to track the progression of user satisfaction.

We regularly review user incidents to identify and fix recurring issues.

We are not perfect, and unfortunately, we do make mistakes. But we are absolutely committed to constantly improve our service and give the best experience for all our users!

Marc Perras

Vice-President, Sales

How does your 24/7 emergency support work?

Users calling outside of helpdesk hours (7am to 7pm Monday to Friday) will be invited to leave a message for an emergency. They will get a call back within 15 to 30 minutes.

Vincent Rabbat

Vice-President, operations

Do you monitor 24/7?

Yes we do! Over the years we have built up our staff overseas which enables us to offer true 24/7/365 coverage for our clients. We now have over 15 people working in Europe and in Asia.

Vincent Rabbat

Vice-President, operations

What’s a typical client for S3?

Our typical client is an SMB with a head office in the greater Montreal area. Many of our clients also have other offices throughout Canada and the US. A good proportion of them have hybrid office models and some work entirely from home.

Our clients take the security of their data and the productivity of their people very seriously. They want to ensure that their IT enables them to meet their business goals and does not hold them back.

Our clients are from different industries. 60% are professional service firms and the other 40% are in distribution or manufacturing.

Our clients are in the Microsoft ecosystem. They mostly use Windows, Office 365, Azure. The majority have a mix of cloud and on-premise infrastructure. The others have a purely cloud infrastructure.

Most clients have no full-time IT people. Some have a small IT team that are focused on their line of business applications.

Clients usually find us when they outgrow their IT provider, or they lose an internal resource and decide they do not want to manage IT people anymore.

Vincent Rabbat

Vice-President, operations

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