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Microsoft Azure, Office 365 & Hosted Cloud

Today, roughly 80% of businesses deploy some type of cloud solution. The cloud is no longer just for early adopters. The cloud has entered mainstream adoption for business operations and there is great opportunity for companies to leverage a range of cloud computing options. S3 Technologies is a Microsoft Gold Partner and a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) that offers the following cloud services:


Optimise Cloud Applications & Services

With Microsoft Azure, you can build, manage, design and deploy solutions that integrate with cloud technologies. Microsoft Azure provides a host of solutions, applications and services that enable greater business flexibility. These solutions connect with both on-premise systems and applications hosted in the cloud. S3 assists and guides customers with the customization and implementation of Azure.

S3 Services

Azure Certification & Client Support

  • Architecture guidance
  • Certified Azure Architects with Microsoft and S3 best practice insights
  • Scheduled scoping calls

Technical Advisor (TA)

  • Personal contact to assist with design, planning & onboarding

Service Manager (SM)

  • Personal contact for ongoing business and technical assistance
  • Escalation Support – including ownership of incidents and issues relating to Azure, including Microsoft Premier Support escalations

Configuration Assistance

  • 24/7 access to the S3 team, who will assist you with configuration changes

Better Manage Azure with S3 Expertise & Support


  • Backup & Disaster Recovery to prevent data loss
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) allows you to go global
  • Business Intelligence Capabilities – provided by SQL Azure
  • Data Centres in Canada (Montreal & Toronto) are dependable and redundant
  • Pay-as-You-Go Model


  • Microsoft Azure delivers 99.95% Uptime Performance
  • Unlimited Server & Storage Space
  • Scale Applications to any Size with Microsoft Azure
  • Plan Infrastructure for Optimal Utilization
  • Lower TCO compared to On-Premise Deployment
  • Faster Time-to-Market


Unlock the Full Potential of Office Products

S3 has the experience and knowledge to offer comprehensive management of your Office 365 environment. Many companies use Microsoft Office 365 but greatly underutilize the platform. Learn how you can tap into additional features to gain greater productivity and efficiency.

Whether you are new to the Office 365 platform and need migration help, or currently use Office 365 and want to leverage more advanced features, S3 can assist with the following:

  • Teams: Collaboration, Chat & Conferencing
  • OneNote: Note File Management
  • OneDrive for Business: File Storage
  • SharePoint Online: File Storage & Collaboration
  • To-Dos: To-Do List


Performance-Driven, Secure Cloud Computing Solutions Support Scalability

Hosting of servers, desktops and data with S3 through the cloud allows you to benefit from reduced onsite hardware and increased backup capability. With solutions for disaster recovery, business continuity, co-location services and complete hosting cloud services, S3 covers the full range of cloud computing solutions. Additionally, cloud backups provide a valuable failsafe in case onsite data is compromised during an emergency. Clients can have full confidence knowing there are:

  • Redundant Architectures
  • Secure Environments
  • Guaranteed Internet Connections and Uptime
  • High Speed Network Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux Operating Systems

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you protect me against ransomware?

In our opinion ransomware is the #1 cyber threat to all our clients. We are focused on protecting our clients from these attacks. We follow ransomware news very closely and constantly adjust our standards based on the changing hacking tactics. Our security team’s main objective is ensuring that none of our clients are victims of a successful attack. Here are the steps we take to protect our clients

1. Bullet proof backups

The absolute first thing we do is deploy secure backups. Our backup standard is built on the assumption that the network will be breached, and the attacker will obtain full admin privileges. The backups must be able to withstand this. Our standards have been tested by multiple specialized security firms who were unable to access them.

2. Minimize your exposure

We minimise your exposure by making sure that only services that are absolutely necessary are exposed to the Internet. We will then limit these services exposure by only making them accessible to certain countries. We work with our clients to determine what this list is and will modify it as needs change.

3. Protect the infrastructure with advanced security tools

We deploy a set of advanced security tools that will not only protect you but will also alert our security team if something is not behaving normally.

4. Close the open buffet

Many networks are designed as a fortress or citadel. Once they are breached you can access everything, it’s basically an open buffet. We close this open buffet by segregating systems so that even if an attacker was able to get on a single system it’s very difficult to move to another. The more difficult it is the more chances are the attacker will make a mistake and set off an alarm allowing us time to respond to neutralise the attack.

5. Monitoring and response

We monitor alerts generated by our set of advanced security tools and investigate any abnormality. Our security will respond to any identified threat to neutralize the attack.

6. Train your users

We will train your users to adopt safer computing habits and to report abnormalities to our security team.

7. Adapt

We constantly adapt our approach as the threats and security tools evolve. We will also adapt based on the experiences of our peers. We meet with other companies like ours in different markets across North America to share best practices every quarter.

Simon Marcil


How do you protect my backups?

We have developed a backup security standard to keep backups safe from attackers who will look to compromise them in a ransomware attack. We built our standard with the assumption that the network will be breached and that the attackers will obtain admin rights. Therefore, we completely segregate the backups from the network and put in place their own authentication. Our offsite backups also have ransomware protection built-in which allows for recovery if ever they were to be deleted. Our backup standard withstood penetration testing by multiple specialized security firms. We adapt our backup security standards constantly as the attackers change their tactics.

Simon Marcil


Should I get cyber insurance? If so, how can you help?

Yes, you absolutely should. Unfortunately, even though we are very confident in our abilities to protect you against cyber attacks, nothing can be 100% secure. Insurance is an important part of your response plan.

The security standards that we deploy will make sure that you will be insurable, and we will help you answer all the questions the insurers will have, and they will have a lot. We can also help validate that the proposed coverage makes sense for your business.

Vincent Rabbat

Vice-President, operations

What’s a typical client for S3?

Our typical client is an SMB with a head office in the greater Montreal area. Many of our clients also have other offices throughout Canada and the US. A good proportion of them have hybrid office models and some work entirely from home.

Our clients take the security of their data and the productivity of their people very seriously. They want to ensure that their IT enables them to meet their business goals and does not hold them back.

Our clients are from different industries. 60% are professional service firms and the other 40% are in distribution or manufacturing.

Our clients are in the Microsoft ecosystem. They mostly use Windows, Office 365, Azure. The majority have a mix of cloud and on-premise infrastructure. The others have a purely cloud infrastructure.

Most clients have no full-time IT people. Some have a small IT team that are focused on their line of business applications.

Clients usually find us when they outgrow their IT provider, or they lose an internal resource and decide they do not want to manage IT people anymore.

Vincent Rabbat

Vice-President, operations

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