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A three-part IT strategy coaching.

  • 3-Year Strategic IT Plan
  • Dedicated Account Management Team
  • Disaster Recovery Plan


3-Year Strategic IT Plan

Assurance Knowing You are Set for the Future

Together with our clients, we build a 3-year IT Strategic Plan to ensure short-term decisions are aligned with the long-term vision of the overall environment. This Strategic IT Plan is reviewed on a quarterly basis to stay on track with short term initiatives, and is revised annually. Types of things we review:

  • IT Service Structure
  • Networking and Infrastructure
  • Service Delivery and Information Strategy
  • Others, based on environment


Dedicated Account Management Team

Resources On-Call and Ready when You Need Them

At S3, we assure clients from the beginning that they will have a dedicated team of skilled professionals behind them to get the most out their IT services. From implementation to day-to-day tasks, we take pride in developing lasting relationships with clients to be sure all your technical business needs are met. As a dedicated IT partner, we:

  • Offer both short and long-term strategy options
  • Gain knowledge of your industry, as well as the challenges and technologies related to your field
  • Are visionary
  • Have a keen business sense
  • Are results-oriented


Disaster Recovery Plan

Prepared Companies Implement, Test and have Disaster Recovery Metrics

The Disaster Recovery Preparedness Benchmark Survey states, “There are 3 in 4 companies at risk, failing to prepare for Disaster Recovery.” At S3, we believe every business should have a contingency plan in place. Our clients receive a detailed report following a Disaster Recovery and Business Contingency Plan analysis. This analysis outlines the importance of each application and of each data set in every department. With this information at hand, our clients are be able to deploy a tailored Disaster Recovery Plan to guarantee critical operations following a major disaster. We assist you with:

  • Building a contingency plan with everything needed to recover, including applications, networks, document repositories, business services and sites in the event of an outage or disaster
  • Defining RTO (Recovery Time Objectives)
  • Defining RPO (Recovery Point Objectives)

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s a typical client for S3?

Our typical client is an SMB with a head office in the greater Montreal area. Many of our clients also have other offices throughout Canada and the US. A good proportion of them have hybrid office models and some work entirely from home.

Our clients take the security of their data and the productivity of their people very seriously. They want to ensure that their IT enables them to meet their business goals and does not hold them back.

Our clients are from different industries. 60% are professional service firms and the other 40% are in distribution or manufacturing.

Our clients are in the Microsoft ecosystem. They mostly use Windows, Office 365, Azure. The majority have a mix of cloud and on-premise infrastructure. The others have a purely cloud infrastructure.

Most clients have no full-time IT people. Some have a small IT team that are focused on their line of business applications.

Clients usually find us when they outgrow their IT provider, or they lose an internal resource and decide they do not want to manage IT people anymore.

Vincent Rabbat

Vice-President, operations

How long have you been in business?

19 years! S3 was founded by Marc, Vince, and myself in June 2003 after we all graduated in computer engineering together. Our vision was to become an outsourced IT department for SMBs which is still what we are today. We were, therefore, a Managed Service Provider before the term was used.

We are still the three sole owners of S3 and work hard at it every day.

Simon Marcil


What resources do you assign to my account?

Our goal is to offer a personalized service to all users. We do this by assigning a team to each client which includes:

Account Manager: is the main point of contact. He is responsible for ensuring the proper delivery of all services.

Technical Advisor: works with the account manager to translate business needs into solutions which align with the client objectives. The TA has excellent technical knowledge and is a good communicator. The TA is the technical point of contact.

Remote Support Team: our support team is divided in smaller teams of 5 to 7 technicians each that remotely support all users by phone or by email. This way users always interact with the same group of people who know them and their environment.

Onsite Support Technician: the technician that goes onsite when needed or requested.

Marc Perras

Vice-President, Sales

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