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Advanced email protection

Some of the most significant threats organizations face come in through email. Email has a few advantages as an effective attack vector for hackers. End-users receive email messages whether they want them or not, and email can be easily manipulated to appear legitimate. It is no surprise that cybercriminals continue to rely on email to distribute malware, phishing scams, and spam. A successful email attack is often the stepping stone to a much larger attack, such as ransomware or extortion. Managed security services exist to help your business prevent this style of attacks and save everyone valuable time and money.

Advanced Email Threat Protection (ATP)

Since email attacks account for a shocking 91% of the start of cybersecurity incidents, this is an obvious area of focus for managed security. S3 uses the Mimecast platform with the Advanced Email Protection (ATP) plan to protect against email attack vectors. A proven initial configuration, maintaining a safety/functionality balance, will be deployed in the environment.
The service includes the following modules:
- Analysis and replacement of all links in emails to prevent spoofing
- Real-time analysis of attachments for threat detection (with Sandbox environment if necessary)
- Identify and protect against identity theft attempts in real time
- Protect users from internal email threats

Training - Phishing test

As a result of increasingly sophisticated targeted phishing and identity theft attempts due to psychological hacking, employee education related to business email compromises is now a necessity. All your employees must be aware of these threats and know how to detect them, both for their own safety and that of your organization. In this sense, we regularly send an email phishing simulation to each user, which can then immediately educate the user who gets caught by the fake phishing attempt. This type of simulation encourages employees to respond appropriately to a potential email attack.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you protect my backups?

We have developed a backup security standard to keep backups safe from attackers who will look to compromise them in a ransomware attack. We built our standard with the assumption that the network will be breached and that the attackers will obtain admin rights. Therefore, we completely segregate the backups from the network and put in place their own authentication. Our offsite backups also have ransomware protection built-in which allows for recovery if ever they were to be deleted. Our backup standard withstood penetration testing by multiple specialized security firms. We adapt our backup security standards constantly as the attackers change their tactics.

Simon Marcil


How does your support work?

We offer direct, quick, and personalized helpdesk as well as onsite support to users.

We assign a team of 5 to 7 helpdesk technicians to a client. This way users always speak to the same group of technicians who know their environment. Our technicians will answer all calls from users directly from 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Over 80% of calls are answered within 2 minutes. We also have a 24/7 emergency support where users will receive a callback from a technician within 30 minutes.

We set up a dedicated support portal that provides your users with the ability to instantly communicate with a technician via chat or schedule an appointment at their convenience. In addition, this portal, which is also accessible in Microsoft Teams, contains how-to guides and personalized help resources designed specifically to meet the needs of your users, allowing them to benefit from a comprehensive and tailored support experience.

Additionally, users can also email our support via an email address configured on their domain, for example: support@yourdomain.ca.

We also offer onsite support. It ranges from going onsite when it’s needed to resolve an issue to going onsite a couple times a month, to a couple times a week, and even full time in some cases. We are very flexible with this and adjust to our clients changing needs pretty much on the fly.

We constantly improve our service from feedback we get from users. We have a survey included with every intervention making it easy for users to give us their valuable feedback. Our service managers will plan a call with any user that had a negative experience. The goal is to first apologize, and then to understand what happened so we can ensure it does not reoccur. We also conduct an annual survey to all users to track the progression of user satisfaction.

We regularly review user incidents to identify and fix recurring issues.

We are not perfect, and unfortunately, we do make mistakes. But we are absolutely committed to constantly improve our service and give the best experience for all our users!

Marc Perras

Vice-President, Sales

How long have you been in business?

20 years! S3 was founded by Marc, Vince, and myself in June 2003 after we all graduated in computer engineering together. Our vision was to become an outsourced IT department for SMBs which is still what we are today. We were, therefore, a Managed Service Provider before the term was used.

We are still the three sole owners of S3 and work hard at it every day.

Simon Marcil


What are your services?

Managed Services & Co-Managed Services.

As an MSP we become the IT department for SMBs that have no internal IT team or a small one. Our role is to ensure that the IT infrastructure supports the goals and vision of the business while not holding it back in any way. We focus on data security and employee productivity. These are our Managed Services.

Managed Services in a nutshell: The first thing we do is modernize, standardize, and secure the IT infrastructure. We then manage and monitor the infrastructure while our security team keeps it secure. We offer quick remote and onsite support to all the users. Finally, we build a 3-year IT plan with a detailed budget and risk analysis that we review annually.

Here is summary of the services we include:

  • Modernize, standardize, and secure the IT infrastructure as well as the user experience
  • Manage and monitor the on-premise or cloud IT infrastructure
  • Manage and monitor cybersecurity
  • Support users remotely or onsite
  • Manage new user deployments
  • IT strategy (3-year IT plan with budget and risk analysis)
  • IT projects (analysis, execution, and project management)
  • Hardware, software, and cloud services procurement


For SMBs with an IT team, our Co-Managed Services offer a collaborative extension to your team. We bring additional expertise in areas like strategic IT consulting, cybersecurity, 24×7 infrastructure management, user support, and project management and execution. This partnership allows us to bolster your IT capabilities, providing targeted support where it’s most needed and ensuring that your IT initiatives are both effective and aligned with your business strategies.


Marc Perras

Vice-President, Sales

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  • You will be able to focus on running your business.
  • You will have a true partner who cares about your success.
  • You will be able to take advantage of the latest technologies for greater efficiency.

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