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The main difference between co-managed and managed IT services lies in the level of involvement and control your business retains over its IT operations.


Our Managed IT Services are a complete outsourcing solution where we manage all aspects of your IT infrastructure. This includes day-to-day management, cybersecurity, and strategic planning, allowing you to focus on core business functions without the complexities of IT management. It’s ideal for businesses without an in-house IT team or those looking to free up internal resources.


Our Co-Managed IT Services, in contrast, are a collaborative approach designed to complement your existing in-house IT team. We provide additional expertise, resources, and tools to fill gaps, handle specific projects, or offer specialized skills your team might lack. This model maintains your internal control over IT operations while offering the flexibility to scale support as needed.


Key Differences:

  • Control: Co-managed services allow businesses to maintain greater control within their IT operations, whereas managed services are more hands-off, with our team taking full responsibility.
  • Flexibility: Co-managed IT provides tailored support to meet specific needs, making it highly flexible, while managed IT offers a comprehensive, all-in-one solution.
  • Target: Co-managed services are best for businesses with an existing IT team needing extra support, whereas fully managed services are suited for businesses looking to outsource their IT.

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Vice-President, Sales

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